3 Creative Business Uses for Video Conferencing


Modern organizations must operate when team members are on different sides of town or even the world. This is even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic when work frequently takes place from home. Fortunately, modern technologies like video conferencing enable you to maintain relations without the cost of frequent travel. Here are some of the best uses of this technology.

3 Innovative Ways to Use Video Conferencing

1. Company Meetings

Have your team sign on for an online video meeting when you need to disseminate important information or procedural changes. Staff at different branches, working from home, or traveling on business can all congregate at once to learn and discuss updates. In addition to business meetings, you can also convene the team for company parties during lockdown periods to help boost morale during difficult times.

2. Recruitment Interviews

Video conferencing lets you expand your company’s reach and recruitment pool. It also reduces the cost of flying in candidates for an interview until you’ve determined they’re good matches. On a video call, you can meet applicants, see what they look like, and get to know them better than in a phone interview. If it goes well, then a face-to-face meeting can be the next step.

3. Disciplinary & Performance Reviews

Even when you and an employee are in separate locations, whether you’re working from home or in different cities, you can still set up disciplinary and performance reviews. Convene the employee, their immediate supervisor, the department head, an HR representative, and whomever else needs to be present. This is particularly useful if your business has numerous branches.

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