3 Myths About VoIP Debunked


Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), individuals and businesses can make phone calls over the internet. Whether through a standard telephone, computer, or mobile phone, a digital signal conversion makes communication between parties clear, seamless, and convenient. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about VoIP services. Here are a few common ones and what’s actually true. 

3 VoIP Myths & the Facts

1. Connections Produce Poor Voice Quality

The reality is the implementation of speedier access technologies makes voice quality much better. VoIP chips installed in phone and internet systems have two distinctive connections for voice and data. These separations allow for better audio and communication quality. In addition, because individuals use multiple computer devices simultaneously that are all connected to a central wireless network, service providers have made significant strides to meet these demands. VoIP voice quality has benefited as well. 

2. Calls Are Not Secure

From encryption and around-the-clock monitoring to other firewalls, VoIP services are layered with protections to keep calls secure. The digital-to-telephone converted communication uses data packets that are transmitted through ADSL2+ and VDSL2 lines, which offers additional safeguards against eavesdropping and hacking. The best VOIP system providers have also implemented the highest measures available to prevent unauthorized access. Finally, in order for infiltration to take place, telephone wires located in commercial buildings would need complete interception to gain access. Today’s systems have federal, state, and industry mandates in place to prevent this scenario. 

3. Existing Networks Can’t Handle Access

VoIP service providers say the digital communication system will typically only need 100 Kbps bandwidth per line. An existing cable, DSL or fiber connection network is more than adequate to support VoIP. Today’s systems are also designed to replicate the energy-efficient features found in many office buildings. For instance, VoIP calls don’t require significant level of milliwatts to operate, including when multiple computer and mobile devices are being used elsewhere in a commercial space. In addition, power consumption is minimal after VoIP calls have ended, which helps stabilize energy costs. 

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