3 Reasons Businesses Need Fax Capability


With the advent of email, instant messaging, and MMS texting, the fax—or telephone facsimile—may seem like outdated technology. However, it is still a vital tool for many companies and shouldn’t be discarded. Below are some key reasons your business still needs a fax machine or hosted fax service.

Why Your Business Should Still Embrace the Fax

1. Signatures

Faxing makes it easy to send and receive signatures quickly. Electronic signature (or e-signature) capability is available through certain types of software, but not all businesses have this capability or are comfortable using it. Furthermore, sending signed documents by snail mail takes several days or a week. With a fax machine or hosted fax service, you can transfer legally binding, signed documents in a matter of minutes.

2. Confirmation

Once a fax transmission is finished, the sender receives a printed confirmation stating the fact, as well as the time and the recipient number. This lets you know that your end of the task has been completed. It also provides a paper trail you can use as proof that your document was sent and received. This could protect you against liability, in case a recipient should misplace the document and claim you never sent it. 

3.  Versatility

Even in the digital age, plenty of businesses still routinely send and receive faxes instead of emails. Whether they prefer the confirmation and hard copy aspects or they simply have not changed with the times, your business needs to be able to communicate with them in the way they choose. It makes you versatile and thus more competitive than a business that has fewer communication channels. 

If you’re interested in hosted fax services, contact MyVoIP, a trusted telecommunications company in Ramsey, NJ. They serve commercial clients in and around Bergen County, providing exceptional VoIP and business phone systems so businesses can stay connected. They also specialize in videoconferencing, which can help you improve communication and cut down on travel costs. Learn more about hosted fax on their website or call (833) 698-6471 to schedule a consultation.

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