3 Reasons to Switch to Virtual PBX


A private branch exchange (PBX) automatically directs incoming calls to the correct department, reducing hold times for customers and eliminating redundancies in your communication system. Traditionally, these systems required extensive equipment and constant maintenance. Fortunately, a virtual PBX system uses software to perform the same functions without significant investments, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. If you’re unsure if you could benefit from this equipment, learn more about its advantages below.

Why Your Business Should Invest in Virtual PBX

1. Whole System Integration

Even relatively small businesses might have offices in several states or distant countries in the modern, interconnected world. Instead of having separate phone numbers for each location, virtual PBX systems will automatically route calls. This improves efficiency for your customers and facilitates communication throughout your entire operation.

2. Easy Scalability

With traditional PBX systems, adding new departments or increasing call volume handling was difficult and expensive. Fortunately, virtual PBX systems are software-based, and most are hosted by other companies. This makes it easy and affordable to adapt to the evolving needs of your business. In most cases, adding a line, increasing call volume limits, or changing department designations can be accomplished without investing in new hardware upgrades.

3. Simple Call Forwarding

Virtual phone systems can easily be configured to forward calls to another office or employees’ cell. As such, you’ll never miss a call, even if a team member is visiting a job site on the other side of the country or working from home. This will help ensure you won’t jeopardize your reputation among customers by not being available.

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