3 Tips for Successfully Transitioning Your Staff to Remote Work


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary for many companies to transition most or all of their workforce to home. This has resulted in the need for new policies to handle how employees will use video conferencing and VoIP to remain communicative and stay on top of projects. Here are a few practical strategies businesses making this change can implement to maintain productivity.

How to Transition Your Workers to Home Offices

1. Set Clear Expectations

When a company transitions to remote work, it’s normal for there to be concerns from management and employees. While you might feel like employees will be harder to get in touch with, it’s normal for them to feel like they have to be available 24/7. Setting clear expectations on both sides right away prevents these worries.

Set expected work hours or rates of project completion, and make video conferencing a regular activity throughout the week to let everyone catch up and discuss current and future goals. Task apps will also help the team identify what’s been done and what else needs to happen on projects.

2. Budget for Home Office Setups

Setting your employees up for success is just as crucial for remote working as it is for traditional office work. Create a checklist of equipment and technology everyone will need to work from home successfully. It should consist of physical items, such as computers, speakers, and a hard drive for company data, as well as internet that can support video conferencing and a VoIP phone system.

3. Create Security Policies

When a large portion of your workforce is accessing company data through shared WiFi networks, it’s vital to have adequate security systems in place to protect sensitive information. Start by reducing the number of places where data is stored. Therefore, if a breach happens, it’ll take your team less time to find the threat and minimize downtime. Also, limit employee access and regularly update passwords and remove unused accounts.

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