3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition to VoIP Phone Systems


Perfect for dealing with customer service, collaborating with colleagues, and facilitating telecommunications, a VoIP phone system is a wise investment for any business. It’s feature-rich, versatile, and scalable in both directions. However, like any technology, you need to do more than just install it to make the most of it. Implementing it requires a few steps; here are some of the most important.

How to Smoothly Transition to a VoIP Phone System

1. Be Clear About Company Needs

Knowing exactly what your company needs will make finding the right VoIP provider and implementing the system easier. If you need it for setting up multiple phone lines for new personnel or departments, make sure to communicate that with your prospective provider. The same is true if you want to make telecommuting easier for your team. The clearer the list, the clearer your plan will be.

2. Consider Making the Change Gradual

Switching from one phone system to another can be confusing, especially if your current one isn’t actively giving you too many problems. But, even if they are, most employees are probably comfortable with it anyway. Because of that, introducing the new one gradually can help prevent any hiccups. Having parts of the current system run parallel with the new one also lets you catch and troubleshoot any issues before they become widespread.

3. Train Your Employees

Finally, it’s critical to give your employees as much information about the VoIP phone system. When it comes to technology, some people are more comfortable trying something new than others, especially when they’re at work. Furthermore, user errors are discouraging and can hamper overall productivity levels. Therefore, whenever possible, provide training seminars, guides, and tutorials so that they know how to use all the features. For example, if you want them to send multimedia files easily, they first need to know how to do so.  

For a VoIP phone system that works best for your business, contact MyVoIP. Located in Ramsey, NJ, they’ve provided reliable telecommunications for businesses throughout the country and Canada for more than a decade. They’re known for their dedicated installation services, so you can trust they’ll make the transition to VoIP as seamless as possible. You can learn more about their VoIP services online, but if you have any questions, call (833) 698-6471.

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