3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Improving VoIP Phone Service


With each passing year, advancements in technology continue to shape the way businesses are run in new and exciting ways. For example, while artificial intelligence (AI) is often associated with lifelike robots and cutting-edge research, the technology is also being used in tandem with VoIP phone service in offices around the country right now. Learn more about how these concepts work together below.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing VoIP Phone Service

1. Increasing Efficiency

With artificial intelligence, VoIP phone users can program bots to manage their calls with clients and customers. Once the AI bot receives specific information, such as if a customer requests an appointment at 2 p.m., it can automatically use that data to block off the meeting and send notifications to the appropriate employees. Over time, it’ll also start to recognize patterns, and it might suggest appointments for repeat clients in the future. This reduces the administrative workloads for receptionists and customer service representatives, making day-to-day operations more efficient.

2. Adapting to Global Needs

Today, many modern companies gather around VoIP phone systems to hold virtual meetings with clients and colleagues across the globe. However, in some cases, language barriers can hinder their progress. With the help of AI, the phone system can automatically recognize the speaker’s language and translate the voice data in real-time. This can simplify communication and make international clients more eager to do business with you.

3. Individualizing Customer Experiences

If you receive a high volume of customer service calls, you might have established an automated system to greet the callers first. Unfortunately, this can cause some customers to become frustrated, especially if the automated system isn’t recognizing what they’re saying. With the help of AI, you can program your VoIP to distinguish between callers who are calm and those who are upset, so you can immediately transfer the aggravated customers to an agent. The system can also keep track of all the information they provide, so they don’t have to repeat their scenario multiple times.

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