4 FAQ About Virtual PBX Systems


A virtual private branch exchange, or virtual PBX, is a computer-based business phone system that allows you to set up multiple lines and transfer calls between them. If you’re considering this option, knowing how it works and what it can do will help you make an informed decision, so learn more below.

Common Questions About Virtual PBX

What’s the difference between a virtual PBX and an on-premise system?

A virtual PBX is hosted on off-site servers belonging to your telecommunications company, whereas an on-premise PBX is hosted on your own servers in-house. This means more control over the system, but also higher maintenance costs and more complex operation. As a result, a virtual option is generally better for small to medium-sized businesses.

What does it take to set up a phone system?

First, you’ll need to choose a telecommunications company that offers virtual PBX systems. They’ll help you install the necessary software to link your phones to the system, and they can even help you port over your old phone number so your clients won’t experience any interruption in service.

What equipment is compatible?

Modern PBX systems are incredibly versatile. They’ll connect with mobile devices, landline phones, and computers that you already have. You can also convert some existing VoIP systems to work with your PBX, though you may need to switch to a new VoIP system if your current one isn’t compatible.

What features does the system offer?

Your PBX comes with many functions and features that are essential for a small business. For example, it’ll allow you to hold, queue, and transfer calls; set up a phone menu or auto-attendant; record calls; hold conference calls; and convert voicemail to email. These features ensure you’ll never miss communication from your clients and create a smooth experience for them and your employees.

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