4 FAQ About VoIP Phone Systems


VoIP services have revolutionized the communication industry, making high-quality, feature-rich systems available to almost all businesses. Instead of relying on copper wires to transmit voice information, VoIP sends calls over the internet in real-time. Below are answers to some common questions you might have about VoIP internet services.

Answering Common Questions About VoIP Services

How is VoIP different?

For over a century, phone systems relied on copper wires that were expensive to maintain and difficult to install. Today’s technology harnesses the power of the internet to send and receive calls, which is much less expensive and more reliable. VoIP systems are also managed by software instead of physical switches and relays.

What are the benefits of switching to VoIP services?

Because they don’t require physical infrastructure, VoIP services are much less expensive than traditional phone systems. Rather than tearing open walls to install phone lines and cables, these systems can be set up and expanded with the click of a button.

Calls routed via the internet are also essentially free. If you regularly communicate with customers, partners, or other offices in other countries, this technology can slash your communications expenses.

What other features are available?

The richness of features available through VoIP systems is one of the reasons so many businesses have made the switch. These software-managed systems offer videoconferencing, call forwarding, automatic routing, and easy-to-configure call trees. With traditional technology, these options are often too expensive for smaller businesses, but VoIP makes them available to everyone.

How does the call quality compare to traditional phone systems?

Copper wire may be reliable, but it has limited bandwidth, so calls often sound muddy or muffled. While the quality of your calls will depend on the speed of your internet, you can generally expect clearer sound delivered through HD voice. The faster your internet connection, the clearer your sound will be and the more calls your system will be able to handle at once.

No matter what your communication needs may be, MyVoIP offers the expertise and sophisticated solutions to meet them. Along with reliable, feature-rich VoIP services, they also provide centralized contact centers, mobile connectivity, and a variety of other options to keep your business running. Visit their website for more on their VoIP services, and call (833) 698-6471 to reach their headquarters in Ramsey, NJ.

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