4 FAQ About VoIP Services for Businesses


Every business needs a reliable communication system, as this ensures your employees can stay in contact with customers and coworkers. If you’re looking to upgrade from a traditional landline, investing in Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP services, is an excellent option. This telecommunication system can accommodate companies of any size, allowing you to easily track calls, make connections, and add or remove numbers. If you have questions about this service, below are answers to several of the most common.

What You Should Know About VoIP Functionality for Businesses 


What is it?

A VoIP service is a telecommunication system that operates entirely through the internet. While a traditional system requires each employee to have a landline to make and receive calls, this system connects to the business’s computer network and uses software that allows calls to take place over the internet. The technology works by converting the soundwaves of the user’s voice to a digital signal that a computer can read and transmit.

How can businesses benefit from VoIP services?

These phone systems are easy to scale up or down depending on your company’s changing needs. As long as users can connect to the internet, they only need to have phones in the office, which makes the service less expensive. Additionally, team members can connect to the system remotely from a tablet, cell phone, or computer, allowing them to take calls and attend video conferences regardless of their physical locations.

What does setting up this system involve?

A business can install a VoIP system much faster than other telecommunication options. All you have to do is download the associated software to the business’s computers and register an account for each employee. This allows them to login to the service and begin making calls, tracking leads, and communicating with customers. If you currently use Wi-Fi, you can hardwire the workstations directly to the routers for added reliability.

How fast does your internet have to be to support a VoIP system?

To accommodate a VoIP system, your business—or, if your team works remotely, your employees’ homes—needs a stable internet connection. Generally, a standard phone call demands at least 500 kilobits per second (kbps) download and upload speed for maximum reliability. If multiple employees will use the service simultaneously, multiply this by the number of lines that might be on a call at any one time.

If you’re interested in setting up a VoIP service for your business, contact MyVoIP in Ramsey, NJ. This telecommunications company serves businesses throughout the United States and Canada, offering effective solutions for up to 100 employees. Since 2008, their cloud-based platform has been streamlining operations for their clients. Visit the website for more information about their services. Call (838) 698-6471 to speak with a team member about your needs.

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