4 FAQ About VoIP


Telecommunication services are crucial for connecting with your clients, so you need a phone system that offers affordability and reliability. A VoIP phone system can enhance your business’s operations and outreach while potentially reducing your costs. If you’re interested in this solution, check out these frequently asked questions to help decide if a VoIP service is right for you.

Commonly Asked Questions About VoIP Phone Systems

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” In short, it uses your existing internet connection to make calls instead of traditional landlines and phone systems. It can call any number, whether it’s a standard phone or another VoIP number. All you need is a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

What are the benefits?

Using a VoIP phone system is typically more affordable for your business than getting a complex standard phone system to make and receive calls. It offers high quality connections and can greatly reduce charges for long-distance and international calls if you get an inclusive package. VoIP calls can be placed from a regular phone, through a mobile app, or through computer software, depending on your package, which means you can stay connected anywhere in the world as long as you have internet and your device.

Will I have a regular phone number?

Yes. A quality telecommunication service provider may even have options for you to keep your existing business number. You may also be able to decide what number you want. This is beneficial if you want an area code that targets a specific service area to eliminate long-distance charges for clients or if you need a U.S. number for making calls from outside the country.

Are the systems secure to use?

Cybersecurity is a primary concern, both to protect yourself and your clients. Fortunately, it’s quite rare for VoIP services to be attacked or experience virtual security issues, and encryption services are usually available to minimize any risk.

If you’re interested in setting up a VoIP phone system, contact MyVoiP in Ramsey, NJ. With over 20 years of experience, they offer innovative and advanced telecommunication services and products to optimize your business so you can reliably connect with your team and clientele. Learn more about their VoIP options online, and call (833) 698-6471 to schedule a consultation.

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