4 Industries That Are Simplified With Hosted Faxing


In modern workplaces, fax machines may seem clunky and unnecessary. However, faxing remains an integral practice in various corners of the business world. Hosted fax services offer seamless solutions for these organizations using VoIP phone systems and secure software to rapidly transmit documents from smartphones, laptops, or personal computers. Here are four industries that still rely on this service.

What Industries Can Benefit From Hosted Fax Services?

1. Law

In the legal world, there’s no shortage of paperwork that may be used to prepare a case or negotiate contracts. However, xeroxed copies of documents may not always be legally binding. Faxed documents, including those sent through hosted systems, are considered legally binding in most states.

2. Healthcare

Doctor’s offices, hospitals, and pharmacies all use hosted fax to send and receive patient information, such as prescriptions, test results, and medical charts. Due to these materials’ sensitive nature, e-mail transmission isn’t considered a safe and secure transmission method. However, hosted fax programs are designed to comply with HIPAA privacy standards by using highly secure VoIP connections.

3. Real Estate

When buying or selling property, real estate agents must be able to exchange documents between all involved parties quickly and accurately. Hosted faxing is ideal for these transmissions, as it allows crystal-clear files to be sent, signed, and received. With this convenience, agents can rapidly adjust the terms of a purchase agreement and even close on a deal without being in the same room as all parties.

4. Manufacturing

In the past, manufacturers in various sectors found analog faxing to be an effective way to transmit invoices, purchase orders, and shipping details. However, traditional faxing requires staff to spend a lot of time printing materials, scanning documents, and sending transmissions. Through all these steps, there’s a high potential for errors to occur and impair customer service.

Hosted faxing speeds processes up by allowing parties to upload and send documents to locations worldwide. With cloud support, hosted faxing has also allowed companies to securely archive business exchanges for on-demand reference at any time.

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