5 Ways Video Conferencing Can Help a Business


Video conferencing is a ubiquitous feature of the modern business world, allowing face-to-face interaction between employees and clients who may be hundreds of miles apart. While traditional audio conference calls can fill most needs, video conferencing offers some benefits other technologies can’t match. Here are a few reasons your business should adopt this technology.

Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

1. Reduce Travel Costs

Some client consultations and high-level meetings are too important to handle over the phone. Unfortunately, this can add thousands of dollars to your travel budget if your company frequently flies team members across the country to meet with clients or other offices. Video technology can slash these costs by allowing your employees to meet with people on the other side of the world without leaving their offices.

2. Increase Engagement

During audio conference calls, many people zone out or work on other projects. Video interactions make remote meetings more engaging by allowing face-to-face interactions between employees, colleagues, and clients. This can also translate into tighter working relationships, even between people who’ve never actually met in person.

3. Share Information

Video conferencing tools also allow users to share files or display data on the screen instantly. These features are as close as it gets to being in the same room, with everyone looking at the same charts or graphs. Meetings conducted over video will also have a more streamlined flow, since participants won’t have to check emails or hunt for files in the middle of the conversation.

4. Add People to Meetings

Video calls allow you to add someone to a meeting when traveling long distances may not make sense. For instance, you may only need to speak with the head of a department for five minutes during an hour-long meeting. With video conferencing, they can jump in when they’re needed and log off after making their contribution. Having more people available for meetings can make your entire operation more efficient.

5. Improve Client Relationships

There’s nothing like an in-person meeting to show clients you’re concerned about their needs and level of satisfaction. Unfortunately, these check-ins can be time-consuming and expensive, even if your clients are nearby. Video calls help build and maintain these relationships without actually traveling.

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