Active Campaign ❤ My-VoiP

The My-VoIP integration allows ActiveCampaign users to seamlessly coordinate sales-related activities with their existing CRM systems. With the My-VoiP ActiveCampaign integration, ActiveCampaign users can identify, track and receive VoIP calls directly in ActiveCampaign. This means that users can automatically log sales-related calls in ActiveCampaign, record voicemails, create and track personalized response strategies, and share call recordings and reports to their CRM system for further analysis and reporting.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

Reach Customers Faster

Place calls from ActiveCampaign

Using ActiveCampaign’s Click-to-Call button, you can make your customers and prospects to call you through your own phone line. You can also record the calls and send them to your CRM or other tools with Click-to-Call integration. You will never miss your customer’s valuable calls again.

Easy Business Workflows

Track all your call activities on ActiveCampaign

By integrating My-VoiP with ActiveCampaign, you can use the My-VoiP to log all your calls and download the calls to your ActiveCampaign account. You can view all the call activities right in your ActiveCampaign account by clicking on the My-VoiP section in your ActiveCampaign dashboard.

Active Campaign Features

Conduct Personalize Interaction

My-voip allows you to view your customer’s contact history and information on ActiveCampaign.It gives users the tools to do their jobs better and increase the efficiency of its users.

Optimize Agent Productivity

After you have integrated My-Voip with ActiveCampaign for your company, you can now easily manage your contacts and manage call campaigns from My-VoiP with ActiveCampaign.Every single ActiveCampaign contact gets automatically synced with your My-VoiP contacts, so you can access them directly from My-VoiP.

Streamline Agent Workflow​

When it comes to providing service to customers, accelerating the speed at which agents are able to make decisions and deliver customer service is critical to delivering a better experience, which is why ActiveCampaign and My-VoiP have teamed up to help marketers, and provide easier, more streamlined ways to manage and automate their agents through the use of a powerful campaign automation tool.

Hassle-free Data Synchronization

ActiveCampaign and My-VoiP integration allows agents to be more efficient and effective.With My-voip, agents can instantly get in touch with prospects, manage their activities and record calls.My-VoiP will help you manage and track your sales reps.