3 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Hosted Fax

Why Should You Choose Hosted Fax?

When it comes to upgrading business technology, fax machines may not be the first devices to come to mind. Yet, standard faxes could be presenting some overlooked risks to your company. Fortunately, a hosted fax system will safeguard your organization against many threats by converting emails to faxes and vice versa through software, without the need for physical fax machines.

1. Avoid Compliance Issues with Hosted Fax

Traditionally, only industries such as health care and law had to be mindful about protecting sensitive data. However, new regulations are currently evolving to control how companies distribute consumers’ personally identifiable information. Fax machines and their servers are rarely encrypted, which increases the risk of others being able to view sensitive data. Thus, if you’re transmitting customer or patient information over fax, you could face noncompliance issues. Virtual faxing has built-in encryption to prevent visibility by third parties and maintain compliance.

2. Keep Cybercriminals Out

Cybercriminals are clever and resourceful. They’ll look for the weakest points in a business, and in many cases, outdated technology such as the fax machine can provide the easiest way in. Analog devices can be targeted by malware or ransomware, which is often sent to faxes via image files. These threats can then be distributed across a business’ entire network, potentially compromising its devices and data. By switching to hosted fax, you can forgo the traditional machine altogether and ensure your documents are sent over a secure network.

3. Secure Your Data

Fax machines print documents upon receipt, which can easily be misplaced or put in the wrong hands. Businesses receive dozens of valuable papers every day, ranging from quotes from vendors to consent forms from clients. With web-based faxing, you can choose how to store incoming faxes to ensure no data ever goes missing. For example, keep them on a cloud drive for easy access and backup purposes.

If you’re thinking about switching to hosted fax, turn to MyVoip. Serving Bergen County, NJ, this trusted telecommunications provider offers state-of-the-art technology and services to keep your business running smoothly, and to minimize the risk of security threats. Find out more about our comprehensive faxing solutions online, or Call 833-698-6471 to discuss your business’ needs with a team member.

Video Conferencing Technology: 3 Reasons Your Business Needs It

Shift to Video Conferencing Technology from outdated phone conferences. This technology allows you to connect face-to-face with employees and clients at any time. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your company’s communications, here are just a few ways you stand to benefit.

Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing Technology

1. Video Conferencing Technology Improves Communication During Meetings

Non-verbal expression is a significant component of communication—but you might miss crucial cues over the phone because you can’t observe other people’s facial expressions and body language.

Video conferencing solves this problem by making meeting participants visible to one another. This method keeps everyone more engaged and helps you communicate more effectively with your staff, even if you can’t always be in the same room.

2. Keeps You Connected With Remote Employees

Video conferencing services keep you connected with everyone through one piece of software. This makes staying in touch with remote employees easier than ever because they can use their phone or computer to chat with you anytime. You can address questions or concerns directly instead of waiting for an email. This speed and simplicity will help you build a better rapport with team members you may not have met in person.

3. Establishes Better Relationships With Clients

If your client meetings usually take place over the phone, switching to video conferencing can help you build a stronger relationship. Seeing their facial expressions during the conversation can provide a better idea of how they’re feeling and whether you need to redirect the conversation.

Connecting over video can even help you cut down on travel. Not only does this make it easier to avoid traffic and start meetings on time, but you can also control business costs when working with faraway partners. Punctual, personal interactions create more positive first impressions, which can be essential when you’re a brand-new company or looking to land a new client.

When you’re ready to invest in a new communication system, trust the team at MyVoIP in Lyndhurst, NJ. We have the equipment your business needs to support cloud phone usage, internet meetings, team messaging, and online faxing. Our systems are easy to use and offer over 50 features for your convenience. Visit our website to learn more about our business packages, and Call us at 833-698-6471 to set up a consultation.


Artificial Intelligence VoIP Is Changing Business Phone Service…Learn How.

Artificial Intelligence VoIP is the hot topic in business today.  With each passing year, advancements in technology continue to shape the way businesses are run in new and exciting ways. For example, while artificial intelligence (AI) is often associated with lifelike robots and cutting-edge research, the technology is also being used in tandem with VoIP phone service in offices around the country right now. Learn more about how these concepts work together below.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing VoIP Phone Service

1. Increasing Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence VoIP

With artificial intelligence VoIP, phone users can program bots to manage their calls with clients and customers. Once the AI bot receives specific information, such as if a customer requests an appointment at 2 p.m., it can automatically use that data to block off the meeting and send notifications to the appropriate employees. Over time, it’ll also start to recognize patterns, and it might suggest appointments for repeat clients in the future. This reduces the administrative workloads for receptionists and customer service representatives, making day-to-day operations more efficient.

2. Adapting to Global Needs

Today, many modern companies gather around VoIP phone systems to hold virtual meetings with clients and colleagues across the globe. However, in some cases, language barriers can hinder their progress. With the help of AI, the phone system can automatically recognize the speaker’s language and translate the voice data in real-time. This can simplify communication and make international clients more eager to do business with you.

3. Individualizing Customer Experiences

If you receive a high volume of customer service calls, you might have established an automated system to greet the callers first. Unfortunately, this can cause some customers to become frustrated, especially if the automated system isn’t recognizing what they’re saying. With the help of AI, you can program your VoIP to distinguish between callers who are calm and those who are upset, so you can immediately transfer the aggravated customers to an agent. The system can also keep track of all the information they provide, so they don’t have to repeat their scenario multiple times.

If you’re interested in improving your business with a VoIP phone service, reach out to MyVoip in Lyndhurst, NJ. This telecommunications provider will assess your company’s needs and recommend the ideal internet and voice packages to further your goals. From SMS to software integration, you’ll find countless uses for our tools. Visit their website to learn more about our offerings, or Call 833-698-6471 to arrange a consultation.

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Are you Freelancing? Reliable Internet Service is a must!

Freelancing is a great way to add new income or enter the world of self-employment. However, since most freelancers communicate with clients over the internet, reliable Internet service become a must!  Otherwise, work may be difficult when your online connection is slow or spotty. By purchasing high-speed internet from a telecommunications company, you’ll experience the following benefits.

Why Do Freelancers Need Reliable Internet Connection?

1. Finding New Jobs

Most freelancers find opportunities through job-posting sites, as this is where many employers post work requests and accept bids. A reliable internet connection from a telecommunications company ensures you can access these sites and apply for jobs.

2. Client Communications

Once you take a job, you’ll need to establish a working relationship with the client. From accepting the initial job requirements to providing updates and revisions, most of the discussions will take place over email and live chat. High-speed internet will ensure you have the bandwidth to use these features.

3. Research

Many jobs will require extensive research, which is easiest online. The internet is home to plenty of resources, including professional databases. Whether you’re reading in your browser or downloading PDFs, you’ll require a high-speed internet connection. You need a telecommunications company that provides reliable internet service.

4. Cloud Connectivity with Reliable Internet Service

Many companies trade content over the cloud, which requires an internet connection. This safe space is where businesses house job content for you to download. Often, they’ll ask you to save and upload working files there as well. You’ll also want access to your personal cloud services so you can safely backup your working files.

Whether you’re a freelancer or small business owner looking for reliable internet service, contact MyVoIP in Lyndhurst, NJ. Our professional team provides state-of-the-art phone systems for small businesses, including video conferencing, VoIP, and hosted fax. Explore all our services on their website, and Call 833-698-6471 to speak with a sales associate about your needs.


Cloud Services – A Business Owners Guide.

More and more companies are using cloud services, but as a small business owner, you may be wondering if the switch would be beneficial for you. However, the many advantages of cloud services can make the transition worth it for any business, no matter the size. Before contacting a telecommunications company, learn more about the different options available to find the best cloud service for your needs.

Cloud Services…What are they?

Cloud services allow you to store and use your data on the internet through hardware as a service (HaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

With HaaS, you can get the hardware resources you need without purchasing more servers or network switches. With SaaS, your software applications are hosted and maintained by a service provider that makes them easily accessible to you and your employees.

How Will They Benefit Your Business?

Work Remotely

According to a recent study, 3.4% of the American workforce works remotely. With cloud services, your employees can work and collaborate from anywhere, sharing their progress on the software platform. You’ll also be able to monitor their progress and make sure they’re on task. Working remotely saves your employees the time and money of commuting, and saves you money on a smaller office space.

Grow Your Business

It’s hard to plan for the growth of your business, as you don’t want to invest in technology or resources that you may not need. However, when you work with a telecommunications company, you’ll have access to additional cloud storage space and resources as you need them. Upgrade your system within minutes, and feel good about growing responsibly.

Improve Security

When you store your data on the cloud, it’ll be safe in emergencies. Also, cloud services can automatically keep your computers up-to-date with anti-virus services, protecting you against malware threats. If your devices are lost or stolen, you can feel relieved knowing cloud security is hard to breach. Plus, you’ll still have control of data on the cloud, so you can delete or move it as necessary.

Make the switch to cloud services simple by partnering with MyVoIP in Lyndhurst, NJ. This telecommunications company is committed to finding the IT solutions that’ll keep your business flourishing in this fast-paced landscape. Call 833-698-6471 to speak with an expert about your business needs, or visit our website for more information about how we can help you.

Virtual PBX Phone Systems…What are they?

Virtual PBX Phone Systems (or Private Branch Exchange (PBX)) is a business phone system that lets multiple users dial out, receive calls, transfer calls, and communicate in-house simultaneously. On the other hand, a virtual PBX phone system offers the same capabilities but connects to the outside world using an internet connection. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, review the introduction below to learn how it works and how it could improve your business capabilities.

What Is A Virtual PBX Phone System?

Virtual PBX phone systems are normally provided as a service through a managed services provider. This system uses existing phones and internal lines, so it looks and operates just like a traditional business phone system. As a result, it has a very minor learning curve. However, the switching of calls happens “virtually” through the host’s computer system, and it uses your DSL or cable internet connection for outside calls rather than telephone lines.

What Are Its Benefits?

Virtual PBX offers numerous advantages. For one, it allows users to send and receive calls when they aren’t at their desks. This is an enormous benefit for sales, engineering, and executive team members who travel. These employees can access voicemails and receive calls from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Additionally, setup is inexpensive, as there are no hardware requirements. Moreover, businesses don’t need to spend time or resources maintaining the system, since their managed services provider operates it. This allows small businesses to have the same telecommunications capabilities that were the sole domain of large enterprises in the past.

Finally, because it doesn’t require hardware additions to add users or lines, a virtual PBX is quick, easy, and inexpensive to scale. This is advantageous for rapidly growing businesses who would otherwise find it a challenge to keep up with changing telecommunications needs.

To learn more about adopting a virtual PBX system, contact MyVoIP in Lyndhurst, NJ. This trusted telecommunications company serves businesses throughout Bergen County and the surrounding areas with a 99.9% uptime. In addition to virtual PBX and VoIP phone service, we also specialize in hosted fax and video conferencing. Learn more about our company on our website, or Call 833-698-6471 to arrange a consultation.

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5 Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips to Remember

5 Etiquette Tips to Remember While Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing has become a must-have tool in today’s technologically-connected business world. It allows teams working remotely to connect and collaborate on projects while keeping business on track. As with in-person meetings, however, there are certain etiquette tips that should be followed to ensure video conferences run smoothly and efficiently. Below are a few important tips to keep in mind.

5 Etiquette Tips to Remember While Video Conferencing 

  1. Test Your Technology Ahead of Time 

It’s always a smart idea to test your technology in advance when videoconferencing with multiple parties. Ask a coworker to hop on a brief test call with you to ensure you have a handle on the way your mic and camera work, along with screen sharing or any other features you plan to use.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

Just as you would in an in-person meeting, maintain eye contact with the person you’re speaking or listening to. Remember that you’ll need to look directly into the camera, wherever that’s located on your device.

  1. Sit in a Well-Lit Area

It’s courteous to sit in a well-lit environment so your participants can see you well. You may need to adjust the lighting in advance by minimizing glares, closing the blinds behind you, or tilting your screen so others can see your face.

  1. Speak Clearly 

Most modern devices are equipped with high-quality microphones, so you won’t need to shout for others to hear you. Speak at your normal volume, but be sure to enunciate properly so that none of your words are muffled.

  1. Mute Yourself as Needed 

If someone is presenting or you’re not actively engaged in the conversation, put yourself on mute until you need to give input. This will reduce background noise and feedback so that everyone can hear the speaker clearly.


If you’re seeking a team to help streamline video conferencing in your office, turn to MyVoIP. Serving Bergen County, NJ, this telecommunications company offers VoIP systems as well as Internet and voice packages to keep your business running smoothly. Explore our plans online or Call 833-698-6471 to discuss your business’s needs with one of our team members.

What Can a Telecommunications Company Do for My Business?

If you own a small business, the vendors you choose to work with will have a major impact on your organization’s profitability. While different industries demand different kinds of working relationships, virtually every successful business needs a reliable telecommunications company. Here are some of the biggest ways this vendor will contribute to your bottom line, regardless of your industry.

3 Benefits of Working With a Full-Service Telecommunications Company 

  1. Total Flexibility 

By harnessing the power of a VoIP phone system, you can grant your team remote access to the company’s network, allowing them to connect with each other—or their clients—no matter where they are. Using a cloud-based telecommunications company like VoIP will make it incredibly easy to adapt to changing times. Whether your team needs to connect with international clients at odd hours or abide by social distancing requirements, giving them the flexibility to work from home will allow your business to thrive.

  1. More Accessibility

A full-service telecommunications provider will give your business the power to connect with clients in several ways, including via voice, email, video, and text message. This kind of accessibility will allow you to provide superior customer service so you can attract more clients and keep them on longer.

  1. Streamlined Collaborating 

With comprehensive telecom services, your team will be able to collaborate through a secured network at the touch of a button. They can exchange documents, chat in real-time, and even share screens as needed, so every project is finished on time and within budget. Regardless of whether your employees are working at the office or from their homes, they’ll be able to connect with everyone else with ease.

If you own or operate a business in Lyndhurst, NJ, turn to MyVoIP for all your internet and voice needs. This reputable telecommunications company is equipped to serve organizations of every size across Bergen County. Our cloud-based platform offers all kinds of capabilities, including voice, fax, transcription, video, and SMS texting services. To learn more about our business packages, visit our website. To get a quote for your organization, Call 833-698-6471.


3 Signs a Business’s Phone System Needs an Upgrade

A Phone System Upgrade for Small Businesses play a vital part in daily operations, as they allow for instant communication with customers and between employees. If your company has outgrown your phone system, it can slow down processes and frustrate clients, resulting in lost revenue. For that reason, upgrade to VoIP services or a cloud-based system when you see any of the following signs.

When to Upgrade the Phone System for Your Small Business

  1. You Need More Lines or Features

If your lines are often tied up, you need to expand your network.  A VoIP Phone System is ideal in these cases because it’s usually less expensive than adding additional landlines, and it allows you to continue using one number for the whole company. You should also upgrade if you need the features an electronic system can provide, such as video calls, conference calling, a digital answering machine, or an automated answering service.

  1. You’re Adding Phones

Whether you’re adding new desks as your business grows or establishing a whole new office or retail location, upgrading allows you to continue to have one phone number and network while providing reliable access to any site. You can also reduce setup costs, as a VoIP Phone System requires less hardware and installation time than separate phone lines.

  1. You Want More Integration for Your Employees

In today’s fast-paced business world, your employees will likely need to travel to conferences, job sites, and potential new locations. Having an electronic network that your employees can connect with from laptops and smart devices allows them to work from anywhere, boosting productivity more easily. It also means you can offer your employees the option to work from home, saving you office space and resources, and improving your company’s flexibility.

For quality phone systems for your small business, including VoIP and cloud-based solutions, choose MyVoIP. Based in Lyndhurst, NJ and serving Bergen County, we will help you review quotes from top providers, so you can find the best solutions for your situation. We also offer state-of-the-art call center setups. Call 833-698-6471 or visit our website to get started.