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Small Business VoIP Service

We are the Next Generation of Business Communication

My-VoIP offers affordable call rates with local DID numbers. my-voip provides high quality service at very affordable prices, starting at $9.99/month, with no contracts or hidden fees.

VoIP Systems for Small Business

Hear More of Your Customer's Voice, Hear More of Their Smile.

Feature rich

Over 50 features, including online meetings, team messaging, and SMS.

Mobile Friendly

Connect anytime, anywhere with mobile and desktop applications.

Reliable Support

Receive personalized service and stay connected during outages and disasters.

Easy to use

Get started quickly using your own phone number on a user-friendly cloud phone system, ideal for small businesses.

Grows With You

As soon as you’re ready to expand, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Affordable Pricing

One cloud phone system provider manages all your communications for one low monthly price.

voip systems for small business

Why Move Your Small Business To A Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system doesn’t have the hefty upfront price tag of a traditional phone system. Cloud phone systems are a budget-wise move filled with enhanced services. With an internet network already in place for business computers and operations, the only capital expense for a cloud phone system is purchasing the IP phones.

Popular VoIP Features

Call Park

Place calls on hold with one touch and visually see the held calls and retrieve from any phone in the office.

Listen Live

The listen live feature is available for administrators to monitor live calls of their staff. They can even jump in on a live call to assist or give their expert advise.

API Integrations

 MyVoIP has over 30+ API Integrations that will allow businesses to work seemlessly with their current databases. We can also custom build an integration into your current system.

Call Center & Contact Center

With our built-in call center features businesses can set up call queues for longer than normal hold times. Report on agents and see how your calls were handled with visual boards and live views.

Chrome Click to Call

Easily click to call phone numbers right from your web browser.

Professional Greetings

We now have integrated Google Voice Transcription so you can create those professional greetings that you have always wanted!

VoIP Gateways-Integrate IP Into a Premise Based System

With a simple piece of hardware we can convert your old analog/digital phone systems into VoIP. With our line of converter gateways we can take our MyVoIP SIP Trunks and convert them to analog or PRI and handthem off to your existing phone system. The benefit is to give your phone system a way to take advantage of the low costs of VoIP, without having to buy a whole new phone system. Keep your investment while saving your business thousands of dollars per year.

voip phones for small business


These are just some of the API integrations that MyVoIP has in place. Completely integrate your UCaaS system to keep data in sync, enhance productivity and drive revenue. If you don’t see your business process below, please reach out to us because we can custom built an integration into your existing system.

Plans & Pricing

Simplicity is Our Specialty. We offer flat-rate plans for unlimited calling. 
We discount our pricing on the volume of SIP Trunks.

0-20 SIP Trunks

$ 9
99 / MO
  • Unlimited Calling US, Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Free Local & Toll-Free Number

0-20 Seats

$ 17
99 / MO
  • Unlimited Calling US, Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Free Local & Toll-Free Number

20-50 Seats

$ 19
99 / MO
  • Unlimited Calling US, Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Free Local & Toll-Free Number

Why Choose Us?

My-VoIP provides a powerful suite of unified communications (UC) products and services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the professionals who support them.
Our cloud-based phone systems and supporting apps make it easy to manage communications, including phone calls, faxes, and voicemail from your computer or mobile device. We provide a fully redundant network with multiple facilities in key locations across the country. And we back up our commitment to outstanding service with features such as 24x7x365 U.S.-based customer support and guaranteed 99.9% network availability.


Our highly redundant network is supported by the most reliable internet backbone in the world, built for reliability and constant communication. As a business with a reputation for delivering quality service, we're proud to be a service provider with 99.999% uptime.


Whether you own a business, make calls on behalf of a company, or organization we will provide the most simple and cost-effective solution for your communication needs. With our hosted PBX virtual phone system, we can slash your current business phone bill by ~60%.

Hosted Fax

Fax technology continues to be a core component for many businesses, and that is why MyVoIP has developed a complete suite of fax solutions


Trusted by Thousand of Students and Tutors

2,394 Ratings
Google Reviews
There is no one active in the telecom business that I trust more than Jody and her team at MyVoIP. We have worked multiple projects through the years and the services provided have always been second to none. To say that I highly recommend this company would be an understatement.
Daniel Brookes
Excellent experience using MyVoip over the last two years! Our transition from an on prem VOIP system to MyVoip went very smoothly. Support is quick, thorough, and we saved a bunch of money as well. Highly recommended.
Zac Stafford
My-Voip customer service has been very supportive. When I submitted a ticket to them, they contact me back in less than an hour. They let me know the status of the issue and how long it would take to resolve the issue.
Emma Hart
I would like to take a minute and thank you for your amazing service. You have been nothing but helpful and the service you provide is second to none. I would be happy to recommend your services to any of my associates in need of a phone system.
Eddie Johnson

Everything You Need To Manage Your Business.

Get a Professional-Quality Business VoIP Phone System Starting at Just $9 Per Month.


Most frequent questions and answers

A VOIP service is an alternative to your regular landline telephone service. Your phone calls are transmitted over the Internet rather than through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Voice traffic sent over a standard broadband connection is comparable in quality to a regular, traditional wired telephone connection.

VoIP calls are transmitted to your business just like how a regular landline would. When calls are made to your business, they go to the cloud PBX system. The cloud PBX routes the call(s) correctly before reaching your business. Callers can also ring specific extensions within your business depending on what features you have configured. Just like traditional phones, VoIP users are prompted to leave messages or have calls forwarded to other numbers in case the line is busy.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has grown to be the standard for providing voice service to your business or home office. For both your phone service and telephone system, VoIP is easier to manage than POTS services. Your internet connection carries all of your business traffic, including your phone calls. This method of connection has limitations, but has also made it affordable for individuals and small businesses to install a high quality phone system.

Business VoIP services do more than boost productivity and efficiency — they enhance image and brand, too. With the right tools and strategies, you can improve customer service, develop solid relationships with clients and coworkers, and increase your professional stature.

My-VoIP offers an affordable business phone solution that includes unlimited local and overseas calling, free calling to other users on the service, personalized voicemail greetings, free Google Voice integration, call forwarding, cheap international calls, plus features for enhanced security online.  

When considering your business phone system, it’s easy to get lost in the terminology. There are features that you need, and ones that you may not. More than likely you don’t need most of them. A VoIP phone system can provide many different features, but you should focus on the functionality required for your business.

Because VoIP doesn’t suffer degraded functionality when compared to landlines. Anytime you have a wire or copper connection there is a chance you will have problems. For example, if it’s raining hard outside your phone will only work during the brief periods of time there is no rain.

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