Call Center vs Contact Center: Which One is Right for You?

call center vs contact center

The goal of both call centers and contact centers is the same: to respond to customer inquiries and make it simpler for customers to contact businesses. But they employ various methods to make this happen. However, a contemporary call center offers features that blur the distinction between call centers and contact centers. This blog will concentrate on the abilities of contemporary call centers to guarantee a consistent experience for both your employees and customers.

First, let’s clarify. What are a contact center and a call center, respectively? 

What is a Contact Center?

Contact centers offer agents the opportunity to communicate with customers over different channels like voice calls, email, SMS, live chat, and video conferencing. This unifies all channels and allows for better communication to be delivered to the customer. Since most of these channels can be accessed only over the internet, contact centers are flexible and offered as cloud contact center solutions.

What is a call center?

A call center is a group of individuals responsible for handling incoming and outgoing customer communications on a large scale. These calls come in through a single channel: voice. Traditionally, these calls were routed only through on-prem phone systems out of a single office and afforded no flexibility. But call centers have evolved since then and now come with features that are comparable to contact centers.

Cloud-based call centers offer businesses a host of opportunities, including the ability to work remotely, make changes to their phone system instantly without needing help from a technician, and get more visibility into day-to-day operations. Best of all, cloud call center providers take care of all maintenance and upkeep, allowing business owners to focus on growing their business. Here are some features that give cloud call centers an edge over other types of contact centers: 

Enable Customers to Take Control

As the cloud advances, so does a host of new features which make it the next level in call center technology. One of these features — and the specific one I would like to discuss in this article — is a feature called self-service. Put simply, self-service means you’re giving customers the ability to take control over their experience with your company and products.

Easy to Customize & Scale

Call center industry is changing, and so are your customers’ needs. You probably want to provide the best experience for your customers, right? This can be the case with cloud call center software. Call centers have a need for scalability that can ensure better performance and availability. With cloud contact center software, you have a chance to set up auto-rebooting servers, load balancing, and high availability features in one click from the cloud application console.

Improved Productivity of Agents

Call center software with auto-dialers and integrations, such as click-to-call features and data import/export capabilities, ensures that your agents spend less time searching for contact information and more time on the phone handling customer service needs.

Reporting Improvements

Modern call center software comes with a wide range of features designed to help you improve your customer service. Call tracking and reporting capabilities allow you to measure everything from first response times to call abandonment rates. All this data is collected automatically, so you can get feedback on the effectiveness of your business processes easily.

Communicating in Context

Imagine a customer who has sent in a couple of emails and then decides to call your support department. Now, the agent answering the call will know nothing about the customer or their issue. Yet, if the call center software is integrated with the helpdesk software, the agent will instantly be able to see the customer’s name and relevant email thread, which will give them enough context to communicate effectively with their customers. This saves the customer from having to repeat their issue all over again and results in a pleasant customer experience.


By the end of the day, each business requires help that is unique to them and their customers’ needs. Depending on your customers’ preference of how they reach out to you, you may need to upgrade your support team to a contact center. The goal is to equip your agents with the tools they need to communicate effectively with your customers and reach them over the channels they prefer.

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