Cloud Contact Center, What’s the buzz?

Maybe you haven’t heard the term “Cloud Contact Center” but I bet all of you have heard of a call center. Well a contact center essentially is a call center on steroids. We can rightfully say that it is replacing call centers because the customer’s preferred method of reaching a business is no longer just by “calling”. They need to make some sort of contact with their vendor and they want that business to respond back as fast as possible. Sometimes sitting on hold or waiting for a call back isn’t the fastest method for a response, as it shouldn’t be.

As call center agents become more intrinsic to a company’s customer experience, the duties that are required of them are also increasing. An agent can be answering emails, chatting with live customers and even updating tickets, all while they wait for their next call. This gives any company increased value in their agents by maintaining a productive workforce. By applying a workforce management program to the contact center ensures the right agents with the right skill sets are staffed at the right time. Doing so results in lower operational costs and better customer experience.

Companies that take the customer first approach to their contact centers, experience superior results. More than ever enterprises are trying to improve key customer experiences as an effort to retain lifetime customers. Legacy call centers are reactive in nature because they only address customer needs when they are contacted directly. Today’s modern contact centers tend to address customer issues before they happen by proactively initiating interactions. For example, sending out anticipated service outages, product recalls or even requesting customer feedback are ways that companies are delivering great customer experiences and accelerating their growth.

You might be asking yourself how you can implement one of these fantastic contact centers into your business. Well the answer is, with a cloud contact center solution. The cloud contact center has a lower cost than traditional premise-based call centers, greater scalability and improved efficiency. For businesses looking to optimize their customer service practices here are a few of the benefits of cloud contact centers.

Agent Versatility: Businesses can provide 24/7 customer service because their agents can be located anywhere. A cloud solution offers agents to work across multiple contact centers and in any location, which provides flexibility and maximum efficiency all at once.
Greater Scalability: The on-demand nature of cloud solutions allow true scalability for companies when they need it. During peak hours employ additional agents to keep up with the demand and decrease them when they are not needed.
Reduced Costs: As with other cloud solutions, the upfront costs go out the door when you implement a cloud contact center. The pay as you go model allows even more scalability and ROI.
Integrations: There are endless integrations when it comes to cloud contact centers. Track calls, service tickets, chat and emails into your existing CRM, helpdesk software, team collaboration tools, service software, auto-dialers, live chat, e-commerce sites and even workforce management software. Now the customer journey is visible to everyone who engages with them. How cool is that!

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