Copper ❤ My-VoiP

My-VoiP’s Copper Integration provides an intuitive workflow for sales and technical support, and helps sales teams to streamline their processes and ensure consistent, high-quality conversations with customers. It also provide a platform to help sales reps make smarter decisions, and it provides a central hub for all sales communication.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

Reach Customers Faster

Make calls from Copper

Click-to-Dial within Copper make it easy to connect with customers and leads. With no limit to the number of calls that can be made, it ensures your business gets off on the right foot for any new or past customers. With Copper’s Callback Request feature, customers will be able to set a callback date and time that is convenient for them so that you can follow up with them when they’re ready to talk.

Easy Business Workflows

Track all your call activities on Copper

Now with the help of Copper integration, it has become even easier to track and manage all your calls on activities one platform .You don’t have to log in and out of different platforms each time you want to check your call activity.

Access Call Recording and Voicemail

With Copper integration you can review and analyze the productivity of your employees,train team members. Listen again to messages from team members and clients in case you missed something and more importantly, it’s a way to take a step back and review what was accomplished over a good business call. All data recorded by this system is stored safely, which means it can be accessed whenever needed.

Copper Features

Personalize Every Interaction

My-VoiP automatically display a customer’s Copper contact history and information when a call is connected, agents can quickly put the right agent, at the right time, in touch with the right customer. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information and optimal service.

Boost Agent Productivity

My-VoiP has made it easier than ever for agents to stay on top of all of their sales opportunities without having to keep switching between two applications. Our all-in-one solution allows you to manage your dialer, CRM, and notes all within Copper, so we've created an integration which mirrors all of the actions that you can take in My-VoiP within the Copper interface.

Streamline Agent Workflow​

My-VoiP's automated workflows are the easiest way to add speed, accuracy and efficiency by eliminating manually data entry in two different System.Save agents time by triggering action on My-VoiP from Copper whenever an agent has performed a specific action.

Data Synchronization

With My-VoiP and Copper, you can easily match calls and lead records in real-time so that all your systems are up to date, no matter where a call originates. This data synchronization helps in improving quality of service and sales.