Hosted fax solutions eliminate the need for a copper analog line going into a traditional fax machine.

We now can fax over the internet but what does this really mean?

Essentially instead of receiving faxes to your fax machine where it is printed and often gets misplaced, we can have all your incoming faxes go directly to an email or group of emails. There will always be a record of incoming faxes inside the email and on our security HIPPA compliant servers. At anytime you can login to the server to retrieve old faxes and see if they are successfully sent or received.

Outgoing faxes are sent through your email as well, as an attachment. Please see instructions below to send a fax with our system.

After you send the fax (email), you will receive a confirmation email stating if your fax was successfully sent or if it failed. Again, these faxes are stored securely on our servers so that you can later view what you sent and confirmation of sent faxes.

Additionally, if you still want to keep your old fax machine in your office, we sell a Fax ATA device which allow you to hook up to your old fax machine. Your faxes will still appear in our portal and you can still receive incoming into an email and fax out through an email. It just gives customers the ability to still use their old traditional fax machines that they are used to. The price of the Fax ATA is $125, one-time fee.

Sending Faxes

Create a new email and attach the document that you would like to fax to the email. The email address is the fax # plus this @fax.myvoip.co

Whatever you put into the body of the email will be inserted as a fax cover page.

**Always put a 1 in front of the number



You will then receive an email back indicating if your fax had sent successfully or failed.

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