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Connect with ease, anywhere, with our reliable mobile VoIP services. Enjoy seamless communication with team members, colleagues, and clients without interruptions. Our user-friendly interface allows for easy calls, messaging, and video conferences, keeping you connected and productive.  
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Disaster Recovery

Emergency Communication Continuity

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation, mobile VoIP and SMS services can help keep your business running by allowing you to communicate with customers and colleagues, even if traditional communication methods are disrupted.
Greater Insights

Advanced Communication Analytics for Optimal Performance

Our solution provides detailed analytics and reporting, giving you greater insights into your communication metrics, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your operation for maximum success.
Global Reach

Connect Globally Anywhere You Want

Our international calling and messaging capabilities allow you to connect with customers and colleagues around the world, expanding your business reach and opportunities.
Enhanced Collaboration

Boost Team Collaboration and Productivity

With features such as video conferencing and group messaging, our solutions can facilitate enhanced collaboration between team members and departments, leading to more effective teamwork and increased productivity.  

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Protect Your Sensitive Information

Conference Bridge with
Unlimited Participants


In-App Chat Functionality for
Quick and Easy Communication

Multi-Level IVR for
Streamlined Call Management

Testimonials: Discover What Our Clients Have to Say:

Eddie Johnson
Eddie Johnson
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I would like to take a minute to thank you for your amazing service. You have been nothing but helpful and the service you provide is second to none. I'd be happy to recommend your services to any of my associates in need of a phone system.
Emma Hart
Emma Hart
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My-Voip customer service has been very supportive. When I submitted a ticket to them, they contact me back in less than an hour. They let me know the status of the issue and how long it would take to resolve the issue.
Jack Stafford
Jack Stafford
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Excellent experience using MyVoip over the last two years! Our transition from an on prem VOIP system to MyVoip went very smoothly. Support is quick, thorough, and we saved a bunch of money as well.
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They are great people here and always ready to help. They have never made me feel like the small company that I administer the IT services for (Prestige Association Management Group) is anything less than important! I would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their current phone system
Wolfgang Albrecht
Wolfgang Albrecht
Read More
Since my last review 2 years ago, we have grown and our service with MyVoIP has grown with us. Scalability and post pandemic remote work options are key in my industry and MyVoIP has delivered. I highly recommend them. Their staff and service is spot on and very reliable.
Pat Martimucci
Pat Martimucci
Read More
MyVoIP has been an outstanding choice for all my customers. There knowledge and dedication to the customers are second to none. If your looking for a great company for VoIP Service look no further

Secure and Reliable: The Power of Mobile VoIP and SMS Service for Your Ease Communication

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected with family, friends, and colleagues has become more important than ever. That's why mobile VoIP and SMS services have become a popular choice for communication. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of using mobile VoIP and SMS services, including their security and reliability features.

Mobile VoIP & SMS Services FAQs

You can make an international call using a mobile VoIP service by downloading the app, registering with the service, and purchasing credits or a subscription plan. Then, you can dial the international number as you normally would and the call will be routed through the mobile VoIP service.
Yes, you can still use your phone’s regular text messaging service alongside a mobile VoIP app. However, using the mobile VoIP app’s messaging service may offer more features, such as the ability to send multimedia messages and make voice or video calls within the same app.
No, you need an internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or mobile data, to use Mobile VoIP. Without an internet connection, you won’t be able to make or receive calls.
Yes, as long as the smartphone has a stable internet connection and supports the mobile VoIP app you want to use.
Mobile VoIP services require a stable and reliable internet connection for optimal performance. It is recommended to have a high-speed internet connection with a minimum speed of 3G or 4G. A Wi-Fi connection is also a good option, especially for video calling. If the internet connection is slow or unstable, it can cause call drops, poor call quality, and other connectivity issues.
Yes, most mobile VoIP services allow you to transfer your existing phone number to their service. The process, called number porting, involves transferring your current phone number from your current service provider to your new mobile VoIP service. However, the availability and cost of number porting may vary depending on your current service provider and your new mobile VoIP service. It’s best to check with your new service provider to see if they offer number porting and what the process and fees are.

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