NutShell ❤ My-VoiP

Nutshell lets you manage your calls, appointments, calls and SMSs from one place. With the My-VoiP integration, you can now keep a tab on all your call activities directly from Nutshell.You can use the Nutshell Integration to have calls and texts from your clients logged automatically under Contacts and Deals, while keeping them separate from your regular calls and texts.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

Reach Customers Faster

Make Calls from Nutshell

The Nutshell  makes it extremely easy to call your leads. After you have captured your contact information on the Nutshell you can benefit from a click-to-call button that will make it even easier to get in touch with your leads.

Easy Business Workflows

Track All Your Call Activities on Nutshell

With Nutshell, you can get an overview of all the activity related to a person in your contact list from within Nutshell. You can view call logs, text messages, notes, and the person’s full contact information.You can easily keep track of your call activities in one place.

NutShell Features

Personalize Every Interaction

My-VoiP automatically provides this information, which is stored in an agent's Nutshell contact history. This allows agents to personalize interactions, provide optimal service, and engage with customers on every call.

Boost Agent Productivity

Nutshell’s ability to perform actions within NutShell. This means that you can keep working on your task, even if you switch between applications.Agents should be able to perform their daily activities without ever leaving the Nutshell.

Streamline Agent Workflow​

My-VoiP is an automated workflows platform that allows the creation of a workflows that automate processes throughout the day. The platform, can be integrated with NutShell and allows the creation of workflows that automatically trigger NutShell actions.

Data Synchronization

NutShell Records is a complete customer service platform that lets clients and agents use the same software to provide real-time contact information, instantly display the customer's name and contact history, and provide the appropriate information on the call so that agents can provide the best possible service.