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MyVoIP Reseller Agreement
Terms & Conditions

This Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between: MYVOIP, 48 S. Franklin Turnpike #300 Ramsey, NJ 07446 (hereinafter referred to as MYVOIP), and the reseller Partner (hereinafter referred to as AGENT). By entering this non-exclusive Agreement, AGENT and MYVOIP agree to market Hosted and SIP telecommunications services in accordance with the following terms and conditions: 


MYVOIP Service: AGENT agrees to assist MYVOIP to market MYVOIP ’s services by providing Hosted & SIP proposals to AGENT’s customers. MYVOIP agrees to sell to and provide MYVOIP services (“Services”) to the AGENT’s Customers and to pay the AGENT monthly commissions based on monthly revenues from MYVOIP services sold. Commissions shall be paid in accordance with Section 3 below. 


Term: This Agreement commences on the Effective Date of on-line registration


Commissions: Commissions of 20% will be paid to the AGENT based on aggregate monthly sales of activation and monthly service charges. Commission payments shall be made on the following month service on the 1st of the month.  Commissions will only be paid on collected funds. MYVOIP will allow AGENTS to resell all hardware, mark up installation costs and any additional services. If MYVOIP collects the funds from the customer, we in turn will issue a check for the difference to the AGENT.


Sales Activity: AGENT can obtain a login to the MYVOIP agent website to complete their own proposals to their clients. In addition, AGENTS can also have their designated sales representative make proposals and email them to the prospective clients. If any hardware, porting charges or installation prices need a markup then AGENT needs to discuss and obtain their reseller pricing from their sales representative. All items on the proposals are end user prices and not AGENT prices. All reseller pricing needs to be agreed upon with AGENT’s sales representative and documented. MYVOIP will immediately inform the agent of all signed contracts. AGENT will also have access to customer portals and activity. 


Responsibilities for Sales, Installation and Support: AGENT and MYVOIP will work together on selling, marketing, and providing information regarding the product to the customers. MYVOIP will also provide training and installation certification to their AGENTS for AGENTS to perform full installations. In this case installation payments will be made to AGENTS. Support will be provided by MYVOIP.


Confidentiality: All materials provided by MYVOIP to AGENT or from AGENT to MYVOIP, including but not limited to, customer lists, price sheets, price quotes, marketing and business plans and projections, pursuant to this Agreement are disclosed in confidence, solely for use in connection with carrying out the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Both parties shall keep such information secret and confidential and shall not release or disclose any of it to any third party during the term of this Agreement or for a period of two (2) years following its termination except in carrying out its obligations hereunder. Both Parties shall take appropriate precautions, contractual and otherwise, to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of this confidential information by any of its employees or by any other person having access to such information. At the expiration or sooner termination of this Agreement, both parties shall return to the originator all confidential or proprietary information received hereunder.


Entire Agreement/Choice of Law: No part of this Agreement may be waived, modified, or supplemented in any manner whatsoever except by written instrument signed by an authorized representative of each party. This Agreement supersedes and terminates any conflicting terms in any service order and otherwise supersedes all prior agreements between the parties covering the subject matter herein whether written or oral. The laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, not including its conflicts of law’s provisions, shall apply to this Agreement. The parties irrevocably consent to jurisdiction and venue in the state and federal courts located in Newark, New Jersey.


Reseller may at any time remove their customers from the MyVoIP service if they choose. There are no contracts that are in place for customers and therefore they can switch their services at any time. If client s in contract through leased phones, client will have to pay termination fees.

 A W-9 form must be completed and on file for commissions to be paid. MYVOIP will issue a 1099 at the end of the fiscal year to all AGENTS.

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