The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial VoIP Phone Systems


These days, many businesses are moving away from landlines and instead implementing VoIP phone systems. There are many benefits to this choice, and most companies don’t ever look back once they’ve made it. If you’re switching to a VoIP phone system, here are a few do’s and don’ts to help the process go smoothly. 


Talk with multiple companies

Every service provider you talk to will have different perks, incentives, and goals, and it’s crucial to talk to multiple companies to get a survey of your options. You’ll probably want to go with whichever company treats your business’s needs realistically and has solutions for what your VoIP infrastructure will need to look like. 

Ask about security

Keeping your communications secure protects you, your assets, and your employee, so one of your main concerns while setting up your service should be security. Ask what security features each provider offers, and see if any of them are able to give you end-to-end encryption. 


Go for the cheapest option

Your phone plan is not the place to try and save money on your budget. This system will keep your whole operation running smoothly, and it’s worth investing a few extra dollars for reliable service. Prioritize choosing the service than can best cover your needs.

Neglect the firewall

Don’t forget that your VoIP phone service should always be installed within your company’s firewall, and any firewall configurations should be set up in a way that supports VoIP usage. If this isn’t handled before your phone system goes online, it could lead to avoidable issues right off the bat.

If your business is looking for a new VoIP phone system provider, look no further than MyVoIP in Ramsey, NJ. This VoIP provider employs an expert team of communication specialists to ensure that your business’s phones stay up and running at all times. Learn more about their services online, and call (833) 698-6471 to schedule a consultation. 

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