The Do’s & Don’ts of Conducting a Video Conference


Video conferencing is a convenient, cost-effective way to bring people together from multiple locations for virtual meetings. Though this technology has been around for years, the usage of video conferencing platforms spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic and has remained popular. As more and more people embrace this method of communication, informal etiquette rules have been established around it; learn some of these rules below.


Test the tools.

Before beginning any virtual meeting, make sure your video conferencing tools are in proper working order. Test the microphone, speakers, and headphones by jumping on the call early with another meeting planner or attendee and confirming that they can hear and see you. This can save a lot of disruption and troubleshooting once the meeting starts.

Present yourself in a pristine way.

Even though virtual meetings have allowed people to connect no matter where they are, even at home or in the car, it’s important to look well put together. How one comes across on camera says a lot about their business and their level of professionalism. 

Dress for the audience. When in doubt, business or business-casual attire is usually appropriate. Position the camera in a stable place and at eye level. Make sure there is ample lighting so that the audience can see you clearly. 


Get distracted.

Some distractions will be unavoidable. However, aim to minimize disruptions so the meeting can proceed smoothly and everyone can stay focused. Arrange papers and everything you’ll need for the meeting beforehand and keep them readily accessible throughout. Silence your cellphone and computer alerts and notifications. Let others know you are in a meeting and cannot be disturbed.

Leave the microphone on at all times.

Leaving the microphone on when you’re not speaking has quickly become a virtual meeting faux pas. This is because most microphones are incredibly sensitive and will pick up even the slightest sounds, like rustling papers, typing, and any other background noises. When you aren’t the active speaker, make sure to mute the microphone to eliminate distractions.

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