Trello ❤ My-VoiP

Trello is a widely popular and easy-to-use project management tool, which is used by companies from all sorts of industries. It offers the ability to track all your call activities and it uses all the information obtained in order to provide you with the best sales strategies.My-VoiP has built a simple, but powerful integration to Trello that makes it easy to manage your sales process and keep your pipeline always filled.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

Reach Customers Faster

Make calls from Trello

My-VoiP and Trello are coming together to make your life easier. Just forward your Trello calls to My-VoiP and you can easily manage your calls, just like Trello manages your tasks.

Easy Business Workflows

Track all your call activities on Trello

Call Tracking made simple, Track all your calls on Trello. Update your Trello cards with the status of your calls, get notified when you receive an email from your lead, add notes to your Trello cards from your VoIP Call.

Trello Features

Personalize Every Interaction

My-VoiP with Trello Integration is the all-in-one communication software that lets you manage calls, email and social media from one convenient place.It gives you the power to easily manage your contacts and collaborate with your team.

Boost Agent Productivity

With Trello and My-VoIP, you can see your VoIP calls alongside your work on Trello. This makes it easy to manage all your calls and communication alongside your work. You can also view your Trello activity in the customer portal right in the call details.

Streamline Agent Workflow​

The Trello integration for My-VoiP is designed to help you organize your business work orders and projects with Trello's visual boards.Our Trello integration lets you continue to work your Trello boards while taking calls with Call-Answering.

Data Synchronization

With Trello and My-VoIP together, you get a simple and powerful collaboration tool to manage your customers and employees.My-VoiP is Interoperability platform that provides automatic synchronization between a cloud based Trello account and your VoIP.