Virtual PBX Phone Systems, What are they?

Virtual PBX Phone Systems (or Private Branch Exchange (PBX)) is a business phone system that lets multiple users dial out, receive calls, transfer calls, and communicate in-house simultaneously. On the other hand, a virtual PBX phone system offers the same capabilities but connects to the outside world using an internet connection. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, review the introduction below to learn how it works and how it could improve your business capabilities.

What Is A Virtual PBX Phone System?

Virtual PBX phone systems are normally provided as a service through a managed services provider. This system uses existing phones and internal lines, so it looks and operates just like a traditional business phone system. As a result, it has a very minor learning curve. However, the switching of calls happens “virtually” through the host’s computer system, and it uses your DSL or cable internet connection for outside calls rather than telephone lines.

What Are Its Benefits?

Virtual PBX offers numerous advantages. For one, it allows users to send and receive calls when they aren’t at their desks. This is an enormous benefit for sales, engineering, and executive team members who travel. These employees can access voicemails and receive calls from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Additionally, setup is inexpensive, as there are no hardware requirements. Moreover, businesses don’t need to spend time or resources maintaining the system, since their managed services provider operates it. This allows small businesses to have the same telecommunications capabilities that were the sole domain of large enterprises in the past.

Finally, because it doesn’t require hardware additions to add users or lines, a virtual PBX is quick, easy, and inexpensive to scale. This is advantageous for rapidly growing businesses who would otherwise find it a challenge to keep up with changing telecommunications needs.

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