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VoIP Solutions For Schools

A business phone service for educators, teachers, teachers' assistants, professors, staff members, and school office workers is an important way to stay organized. Not only will you save time and effort by not bugging people on their personal phones, but in addition you will also be able to take advantage of a lot of other functionalities that these businesses may offer.

Does a School Require Business VoIP Solutions?

In today’s educational setting, a phone system is essential to keep the entire school community in touch with one another. Teachers and administrators need phones that will keep them connected anywhere they go, whether they’re in the classroom or off campus.

Toll-free numbers are ideal for schools that have multiple campuses, allowing teachers to make calls across locations without having to pay long distance fees. This is a great feature for both incoming and outgoing calls; however, it is important to remember that toll-free numbers cannot be forwarded. Extension dialing allows users to use the same number for their desk telephone as for a cell phone. This ensures that teachers aren’t missing out on calls from other staff members or parents just because they aren’t at their desk.

Everything You Need To Manage Your Business.

Get a Professional-Quality Business VoIP Phone System Starting at Just $9.99 Per Month.

Advanced VoIP Solutions For Schools

Mobile access

For the same reason that teachers move around campus frequently, it’s important for them to have mobile access to their business phones. This way, if they need to use their phone when they aren’t in the classroom or office, they will always be able to reach other teachers and administrators without any trouble.

Easy DIY setup

Being an educator can be stressful. You have a lot of competing demands – and you’re expected to give your students the best education possible. Let us help you do that. Our easy, installation-free Voip phone systems are designed to give you a set up that takes minutes, and the ability to communicate with parents and other faculty members in ways that save you time in planning, teaching and learning.

All-inclusive price

My-voip offers a complete, all-inclusive pricing system that is easily integrated into your current communication infrastructure. Each account contains your choice of local and toll-free numbers, conference extension line, virtual fax extension for school forms, and more.

Boost You Customer Service With MyVoIP

With caller ID and guest names in your Call Logs you can easily confirm reservations. With call logs you can easily record calls for training purposes, making your staff more efficient and productive.

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"Amazing Support!"

There is no one active in the telecom business that I trust more than Jody and her team at MyVoIP. We have worked multiple projects through the years and the services provided have always been second to none. To say that I highly recommend this company would be an understatement.
Zac Stafford

"Excellent Experience!"

Excellent experience using MyVoip over the last two years! Our transition from an on prem VOIP system to MyVoip went very smoothly. Support is quick, thorough, and we saved a bunch of money as well. Highly recommended.

Daniel Brookes
Global Shop Solutions

"Exceed Expectations!"

When we first signed up in 2017 we never had any issues with the phone service or the APP. Then last year 2019 we had an ongoing issue with the presence on our app. As a small company where all employees work from home it is imperative to know if they are on the phone, busy, in a meeting, etc.
Stephen L.