3 Ways to Improve Online Meetings

Online Meetings have opened up a whole new world for collaborating. However, while meetings can be held remotely over video chat, they sometimes fall flat without the face-to-face interactions that were once crucial to every workplace gathering. Here are some ways to make sure your online meeting stands out and remains positive.

How to Have Productive Online Meetings

1. Start With an Agenda

You need to plan and make an agenda for your meeting, as not having a goal or set of talking points wastes your attendees’ valuable time. Try to set up a schedule that’ll keep people engaged, and aim to keep it between 30 minutes to an hour long. Finally, don’t let your meeting take more than 15 minutes over your scheduled time to respect your colleagues.

2. Do Introductions at your Online Meetings

Take the time to introduce everyone on the call, even if there’s only one new person. This can serve as an icebreaker if you ask everyone to name their favorite food or TV show. Choosing to do introductions also shows that you care about everyone in the meeting and want them to feel comfortable during your call.

3. Add Interactive Elements

Sometimes, business meetings can feel like the boss is giving a speech rather than the whole team collaborating. To avoid this, make parts of the meeting interactive. Ask for opinions, request suggestions, or even take a break to play a game. You can also design a Powerpoint that’s engaging to the viewer and might include videos, sound clips, or questions for the group to answer.

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