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Collaborate with Ease. With our built in Web & Video Conferencing Solution, never leave your VoIP portal.


Schedule Meetings in a Flash


Start a new meeting, schedule a meeting or recurring meeting in the future and invite particiapants via email or text message. With our easy to use interface our clients find that having an “all-in-one” solution for their communciations needs, helps them improve productivity.

Screen Share & Document Sharing


Collaborate with your online video meetings. Share screens between participants, send or share important documents and even record your crucial meetings.

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Why your business needs Video Conferencing


Improves Communication During Meetings

Non-verbal expression is a significant component of communication—but you might miss crucial cues over the phone because you can’t observe other people’s facial expressions and body language.


Video conferencing solves this problem by making meeting participants visible to one another. This method keeps everyone more engaged and helps you communicate more effectively with your staff, even if you can’t always be in the same room.

Keeps You Connected With Remote Employees

Video conferencing services keep you connected with everyone through one piece of software. This makes staying in touch with remote employees easier than ever because they can use their phone or computer to chat with you anytime. You can address questions or concerns directly instead of waiting for an email. This speed and simplicity will help you build a better rapport with team members you may not have met in person.

Establishes Better Relationships With Clients

If your client meetings usually take place over the phone, switching to video conferencing can help you build a stronger relationship. Seeing their facial expressions during the conversation can provide a better idea of how they’re feeling and whether you need to redirect the conversation.


Connecting over video can even help you cut down on travel. Not only does this make it easier to avoid traffic and start meetings on time, but you can also control business costs when working with faraway partners. Punctual, personal interactions create more positive first impressions, which can be essential when you’re a brand-new company or looking to land a new client.