What Is a SIP Phone System?


These days, the internet is the backbone of nearly every medium of communication. Among online communication tools, SIP phones, or those which use a protocol enabling multimedia and voice calls over an internet connection, are some of the most versatile and popular. To find out more about what these systems are and how they stand apart from alternative methods of communication, take a look at the informative article below.

What Are They?

Session initiation protocol, or SIP, is a communication protocol, or a format for digital communication, which is used to manage both video and voice calls. In simple terms, SIP makes it possible to start, maintain, and terminate calls over internet connections. It combines basic telephone capabilities with options for video calls, email, instant messaging, and other communication formats.

How Do They Work?

The means to make use of this protocol is a SIP phone. These look similar to a standard office landline phone. However, where traditional phones jack into a phone line, SIP-capable equipment has more complex internal arrangements and links into an office internet network. Alternatively, you can use virtual calling software installed on a computer or other device.

When you want to make a call, one phone sends a package of code, usually in the form of a voice recording, to another SIP-capable device, which can then relay additional messages back.

How Do They Differ from VoIP Systems?

SIP phones and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) are often used interchangeably. However, SIP is just one type of VoIP, albeit the most widely-supported and popular one. Whereas VoIP describes the process of communicating via the internet, SIP describes the means by which this is done.

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