What Is CPaaS?


CPaaS is an acronym for Communications Platform as a Service. This is a cloud-based technology that lets you add messaging, video, and other features to your existing business phone system applications without having to design complex technical infrastructure for each product. Below, learn more about how CPaaS works and the benefits it provides.

How It Works

With many real-time communications models, the provider offers predefined applications built for specific purposes. For instance, your business phone system might be able to send text messages but not receive them. A good CPaaS option for you, then, might be to integrate two-way messaging into the existing business phone system. What CPaaS essentially does is allow you to customize technological infrastructure to better meet the needs of your business—and do it without having to learn complicated coding and build highly technical backend interfaces.

Other CPaaS examples include:

  • Outbound Calls: You can add and subtract calling features, like additional phone numbers or lines, as business needs change
  • Inbound Calls: CPaaS makes it easy to route inbound calls, automatically directing specific callers to their intended recipients
  • Number Masking: If you need to connect two parties, you may not want either one to be able to see the other’s originating phone number; number masking is a CPaaS service that will conceal numbers and protect user privacy
  • SIP Trunking: On-demand SIP trunking means you can connect multiple callers to your VoIP phone system as needs dictate


CPaaS solutions give you a communication system that is more personalized to meet your business’s needs. The provider offers application programming interfaces, lines of code, and applications that can be added to existing communications features quickly and easily. And you can integrate these features with the channels you already utilize, so there’s no need to learn new systems and technology. 

Ultimately, CPaaS can streamline virtually every area of your business. It makes you more accessible and responsive to customer needs, it reduces the risk of fraud and security breaches, it provides text messaging solutions in an increasingly phone-call-weary world, and it allows for plenty of scalability during times of peak business operation.

To experience the benefits of CPaaS technology for your business, contact MyVoIP. Based in Ramsey, NJ, they have been serving customers throughout the United States and Canada since 2008. They provide business phone system, web and video conferencing, hosted fax, and SIP trunking services. Call (833) 698-6471 or visit them online to schedule a consultation.

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