Why Businesses Should Use Xima® Contact Center as a Service


No matter what the industry, modern businesses need to manage extensive telecommunications pathways to stay reliably in contact with clients and customers. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions help streamline this process by using scalable cloud-based software to manage customer interactions across various channels, including business phone systems, e-mail, fax, chat, and social media applications. While there are several CCaaS offerings to choose from, here are a few reasons why investing in Xima® Contact Center as a Service is best for businesses.  

5 Benefits of Xima CCaaS

1. Seamless Integration

Xima CCaaS is designed for easy adoption in the workplace. For example, Xima can be integrated with the on-premise business phone systems that your company already uses, such as Cisco® or Avaya®.  In addition to phone systems, Xima supports many other telecommunications applications—including Salesforce® CRM and Avaya Cloud Office. This capability allows you to enhance your contact center without having to dismantle and reorganize the entire framework. 

2. Call Recording 

Using Google-supported cloud-based technology, Xima CCaaS can record comprehensive voice call libraries for instant retrieval. By automatically recording and logging calls, supervisors can easily review previous calls and gain more insight on customer needs—a capability that can simplify service escalations and improve employee training. 

3. Automated Support

Xima CCaaS can automate inbound communication services to improve efficiency and better serve the needs of customers outside of business hours or during periods of heavy call traffic. When customer service agents are not available, this application will maintain call queues, provide programmed answers, and route calls using skills-based measurements. It will also distribute calls automatically to ensure every agent’s incoming flow is balanced.  

4. Real-Time Monitoring

The Xima Agent Dashboard collects and displays real-time data in an organized fashion so that supervisors can monitor call activity and agent performance with optimal efficiency. Through the Agent Timeline, supervisors can view an individual agent’s activity, offer direct assistance, and manage call queues all from their own computer. Apart from widening the scope of supervisor capabilities, this technology also simplifies management in remote work environments

5. In-Depth Reporting 

Xima is capable of monitoring numerous data elements to help contact centers better understand their performance, as well as identify and resolve issues. Reports can be customized to the needs of your contact center and may include time intervals, account codes, caller ID, and call direction data, as well as other analytics. 

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