3 Best Practices for Faxing


Faxing remains an essential part of most business operations as there’s a need to send and receive important records immediately. However, it can be risky for another party to intercept the document. Whether you’re using a machine or a hosted fax service, below are a few safeguards to observe.

How Do You Fax Safely?

1. Include a Cover Page

When transmitting a fax, always attach a cover sheet with the following details: date and time sent; recipient’s name and fax number; and sender’s name, organization, and phone number. Before sending the document, verify the fax number. Call the recipient and ask them to notify you if they haven’t received the fax within the estimated timeframe.

The document should also include a privacy statement stating that the information on the fax is private and should only be used by the intended recipient. The clause should also mention that if someone else receives the fax, they must inform the sender and destroy the document. Most hosted fax services offer cover pages to make this step easier for businesses.

2. Keep Fax Machine Secured

Keep your fax machine out of sight of the general public. This way, you can prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing incoming transmissions or sending their own faxes. Turn off the fax machine or relocate it to a secure place during off-hours.

You should also periodically check the machine for incoming and outgoing transmissions. If it can store incoming faxes, disable auto print to prevent them from piling up. Instead, have someone monitor the buffer, print the documents, and distribute these accordingly.

3. Maintain an Audit Trail

Your machine keeps track of every document transmitted with a fax log, so print this regularly and store it in a binder. Maintaining a record of all faxes sent and received will come in handy during an audit. Hosted fax services perform this automatically, providing an audit trail that logs your activities.

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