4 Do’s & Don’ts of Switching to VoIP Services


Whether you own a start-up or an enterprise-level company, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is always a smart choice when it comes to business phone systems. Using an internet connection rather than a landline, you can add call-waiting, video conferencing, multimedia messaging, and much more to your business capabilities. However, before you commit to a particular VoIP service, make sure you’re aware of the following.


Determine your needs.

Before you even start researching VoIP service providers, make a list of your essential telecommunication features. For example, if your business depends on collaborative work, you’ll need a service that offers multimedia group messaging and conferencing. Making a clear list of your company’s needs will keep your costs at a minimum and prevent your employees from becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of features.

Review your internet plan.

Since VoIP relies on the internet, it needs a connection with consistently high download and upload rates. If you have a small business and a basic commercial internet service, you may not need to change your service plan. However, if your company is larger and you plan to use numerous features, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a higher tier. When in doubt, ask the VoIP service provider what would be best.


Gloss over the fine print.

Generally speaking, VoIP is one of the most cost-effective telecommunication systems. However, there may still be fees you’re unaware of. Always take the time to review the details of a prospective plan, and don’t hesitate to ask if there would be additional charges for installation, maintenance, or long-distance calls.

Forgo training your employees.

Like most technology, there’s a learning curve to VoIP services, especially when there are a wide variety of features. Training your employees on how the system works is critical for ensuring it’s used efficiently. Whenever possible, provide in-person instruction, online lessons, and easily accessible reference materials for everyone who will use the technology.

For robust and reliable VoIP services, contact MyVoIP in Ramsey, NJ. This telecommunications company is known throughout Bergen County for their wide range of service plans, so whether you only need the basics or you’re eager to try a few new features, they’ll have something suitable for you. Learn more about each plan, as well as how they compare to one another, online. If you have any questions, call (833) 698-6471 today.

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