4 Reasons VoIP Should Be Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan


VoIP services are popular telephone systems that you’ll find in many offices and businesses. They operate exclusively over the Internet rather than a physical phone line, which gives them a number of advantages. The following benefits can play an important role in disaster recovery, which is why you might want to consider incorporating them into your office telecom system.

What Role Can VoIP Play in Disaster Recovery?

1. Create Offsite Damage Control

Traditional phone lines might be rendered useless if a small fire breaks out in your office. If your staff uses a landline system exclusively, you’re going to have trouble contacting everyone during and after the incident, which could lead to significant downtime.

VoIP services can be accessed offsite at any time since they operate via an Internet connection. You’ll be able to contact in-office and remote employees to organize at a temporary location and get back to work as soon as possible.

2. Increase Mobility

If you’re warned of a potential disaster in advance, such as a hurricane, and have to evacuate, your team can take their VoIP phones with them. These devices can connect anywhere so long as there’s a high-speed Internet connection. Having communications up and running again allows teams to begin collaborating and updating clients on the disaster, even if everyone is working from home.

VoIP also allows employees to route incoming calls to their mobile phones. Even if your office is completely destroyed, employees will be able to field client calls and provide updates.

3. Improve Communication Support

It’s not easy to maintain your bearings following a disaster, which is why VoIP service providers are committed to supporting clients. Professional support is invaluable in a continuity plan and will reduce downtime and further complications. When looking for a VoIP service provider, focus on those that have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that includes system monitoring, setup guidance, and optimization services.

4. Have a Fail-Safe

Many companies use VoIP and landline services. If the landline fails, you can count on VoIP, providing a backup. Services also include fail-over protection. Should your calls not go through, your remote service provider can push them through their system to reduce gaps and interruptions in the service.

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