4 Ways a Virtual PBX Can Save Your Company Money


Virtual PBX systems fully replace all functions of traditional private branch exchanges, often at potentially lower costs. Instead of relying on wires and switches to transmit voice signals, virtual PBX systems transfer your entire network to the cloud. Below are a few ways a virtual PBX can save your company money.

How Virtual PBX Systems Reduce Your Communication Expenses

1. Lower Phone Bills

Because virtual phone systems don’t rely on copper wires or other physical infrastructure, calls are typically much less expensive. This feature is especially valuable if you frequently make long-distance or international calls, which may cost thousands of dollars per month. However, even if you only make local calls or run an inbound call center, this innovation can slash your phone bill.

2. No Additional Equipment Required

Installing and upgrading traditional PBX systems can be labor-intensive and extremely expensive, especially if you have to open up the walls. Virtual PBX systems use software to route and process calls, which requires very minimal hardware.

Whether you’re installing a new phone system or investing in an upgrade, you won’t have to invest in expensive equipment. Switching to a virtual PBX also saves you the cost of maintaining hardware, which can build up over time.

3. Easy, Low-Cost Expansion

Adding additional phone lines or workstations can be frustrating and expensive with traditional communication systems. With virtual PBX, upgrading your company’s capabilities can often be accomplished at the push of a button. This can dramatically reduce the cost of expanding your operations or adding new members to your team.

4. Increased Uptime

Like many modern businesses, you may service clients from across the country or work with partners around the world. Aging copper phone systems are subject to frequent outages caused by severe weather or accidents, which could cost your company thousands of dollars.

Digital systems are much more reliable, especially if you have access to fiber optic internet systems. With a virtual PBX, your partners, employees, and customers will always be able to get in touch when they need to.

With over 20 years’ experience and access to some of the most advanced communications solutions in the industry, MyVoIP has helped countries across the US and Canada harness the power of modern communication technology. They know no two businesses are alike, so they take the time to create custom virtual PBX systems tailored to your needs. Visit their website to learn how they can help your business succeed, or call (833) 698-6471 to discuss your needs today.

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