A SIP Phone…What is it?

A SIP Phone, or Session Initiation Protocol Phone, is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes and industries. This protocol establishes communication entirely over the internet. Instead of a traditional public switched telephone network, the voice is carried over an IP-based network. Understand what the SIP phone offers to decide if it’s right for you.

A Guide to the SIP Phone

What Are the Types of SIP Phones?

These phones can be categorized into two main types: hard phones and soft phones. Hard phones look and function like regular telephones; these are your average desk phones that connect through an Ethernet cable. They are stationary, but they can be cordless. These are best for the traditional office.

Soft phones are applications used on smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. People typically use a headset with a microphone to connect to the VoIP application. These are ideal for people who need to communicate on the move, such as those who often travel or conduct much of their work out of the office. They are also best for teams with many remote employees.

What are the Benefits of a SIP Phone?

IP phone systems provide much more than simple phone calls. They can be used for video conferences, call forwards, emails, instant chats, and mobile apps. These unified communications can save a lot of money and time; there is not a physical network to install. This also means there is virtually no maintenance or additional configuration necessary as you use the system.

They can be easily scaled and used anywhere in the world; as your business grows or its needs change, your phone system can seamlessly adapt. The calls are encrypted over the network, which keeps your information and communication secure.

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