Can VoIP Phone Systems Run When the Internet is Down?


When you have a VoIP phone system, your business and employees are privy to a variety of features like call-forwarding, multimedia messaging, and conference calls. Short for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” this is a system that uses the internet instead of a landline to send and receive calls, as well as other features. However, because of that dependency, many worry that if the internet is down, then it’s unusable. That’s not quite the case. While that is a possibility, there are things that can be done to ensure it’s accessible 24/7. 

Does a VoIP Require Wi-Fi at All Times?

Generally speaking, yes, your VoIP phone system must always be connected to Wi-Fi. If the internet is down and that’s the only means of connectivity for your system, then employees will not be able to use it. However, Wi-Fi isn’t the only option for a VoIP service. By instituting other means of internet access, you’ll be able to keep the system up and running; this is known as redundancy.

How to Keep it Running During an Internet Shutdown

There are a few methods for VoIP internet redundancy: mobile VoIP and a backup internet service provider, or ISP, are the most popular. Mobile VoIP is a software service that extends your VoIP system outside the office to any designated mobile device. 

While many VoIP systems offer call-forwarding to mobile devices, this feature allows the device to be a part of the system, not just a forwarded call. In addition, multiple devices can maintain the same number per user, so both callers and recipients will never be confused. 

The other option is a backup internet service provider. It’s rare for multiple ISPs to experience a service outage all at the same time. So, if one is down, you won’t lose overall connectivity. This is useful if overall operations are dependent on the internet. 

For a VoIP phone system that will work even when the internet is down, get in touch with MyVoIP. This Ramsey, NJ telecommunications company has been trusted by small businesses across both the United States and Canada for more than 10 years. They can set you up with both an on-site and mobile VoIP system to ensure redundancy and reliability. You can learn more about this mobile option on their website or by calling (833) 698-6471.

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