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Faxing remains a useful method for transferring documents, even though typing in phone numbers and sending private files can present security risks.  If you don’t yet have hosted fax service and are looking for ways to increase the safety of this practice, use these tips.

How to Practice Safer Faxing

1. Use a Cover Page

When loading documents onto the fax tray, it’s easy for anyone nearby to see them. To prevent clients, employees, or strangers from viewing the information, conceal the actual file with a cover page. Ideally, this page should feature a confidentiality notice, but even a blank page is helpful. To remind your employees to follow this practice, leave a stack of printer paper next to the fax machine.

2. Protect the Faxing Station

It’s also important to consider the location of your fax machine. If you’re frequently sending documents that entry-level employees shouldn’t see, move the machine into a private office that requires a key code. Also, confirm that your recipient has protected their fax station. Then, when the transfer is complete, call and ask them to remove the files from the tray.

3. Save & Verify Contacts

If you’re typing in a 10-digit phone number each time you send a fax, the risk of a typo is high. This could leave your private files in the hands of a stranger, with no way to retrieve them. Instead, link significant numbers to speed dials, so you only need to press a single number. Once a month, check in with your business contacts to ensure their numbers are the same.

If you’re hoping to increase the security of your file transfers, turn to MyVoIP in Lyndhurst, NJ. We offer hosted fax services, which allows you and your employees to send and receive documents straight from the computer. We also have other workplace advancements, including VoIP phone services and video conferencing. To learn more about our products, visit our website. You can also call 833-698-6471 to arrange for a hosted fax consultation.

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