Help Scout ❤ My-VoiP

My-VoiP with Help Scout Integration is a solution that will help your team to increase productivity, improve communication and collaborate better. With this integration, you can keep track of all your conversations, call activities and call notes, automatically log them all under “Contacts” to see which employee is doing what, which calls were made and when, and which call recordings are available. You can also send email reminders to callers to stay on schedule and resolve issues quickly.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

Reach Customers Faster

Make calls from Help Scout

Calling your leads and customers just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to Click-to-Call, you can now place calls straight from within Help Scout. No more switching between programs to dial and manage your leads — just click on the Click-to-Call button and you’re ready to make or receive calls in seconds.

Easy Business Workflows

Track all your call activities on Help Scout

It’s the end of the day and you are rushing through the list of activities performed today. That’s when you realize you missed one call. Or two. Oops! Well, with our new integration, it won’t happen again. Track all your calls from Help Scout and make sure they get resolved.

SalesForce VoiP Features

Personalize Every Interaction

My-VoiP with HelpScout integration, is set up to support our customers in their day-to-day work. With Customer’s contacts history and information, helpdesk agents can conduct a more personalized interaction, helping customers reach their goals with less hassle and stress.

Boost Agent Productivity

My-VoiP with Help Scout Integration was designed to keep your agents focused on serving customers and perfecting their customer service skills, make sure they don’t have to jump around between apps to stay organized.Our goal is to make Help Scout the single platform of focus for customer service agents when they are working a customer issue so that they can be as efficient and productive as possible.

Streamline Agent Workflow​

My-VoiP we’ve always taken great pride in streamlining our agents’ workflows as much as possible. We want to give you as much time with your customers as possible and less time fiddling with number-crunching.My-VoiP integration with HelpScout reduce redundant data entry. Eliminate manual actions. And increase agent efficiency.

Data Synchronization

The My-VoiP Help Scout integration offers realtime synchronization of calls and activities between Help Scout and My-VoiP. By doing so, your agents will always have the latest information in My-VoiP when it comes to customer issues. This is the key to providing your agent with the best possible assistance.