How Do Fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP Differ?


When choosing a phone service for your business, a VoIP phone system is often a wise investment. It offers a wide breadth of features, reliability, and scalability. However, even after you’ve decided to implement it, there are still a few more decisions you’ll need to make. For example, you’ll need to choose between a fixed and non-fixed number. Both have their merits, and if you’re wondering which one you should choose, consider the following. 


If a VoIP phone system is operating with a fixed number, it essentially means the number is associated with a fixed address of a physical location. It can either be the company’s address or the home address of the primary account holder; it all depends on how the account was set up. Having a fixed VoIP number is useful for a number of reasons. 

Having a physical location makes it easy for most caller ID programs to identify. It lends a certain credibility if you’re calling customers or clients who may not already have the number in their contacts. It’s also useful for guaranteeing 911 emergency calls, so the main location can easily be traced. If you need call-routing features, more are readily available for a fixed number. 

However, because it’s tied to a specific location, growing your business to new counties or states can be hampered. Your numbers will be linked to that location, no matter how far away you may be. This also makes long-distance calls expensive, which isn’t useful if you plan to do international work, even if it’s strictly online.


As you may have guessed, non-fixed numbers in a VoIP phone system are not tied to a single location, nor are they hampered by pricey international fees. This makes them great for businesses that have call centers and international clients; you won’t incur as many expensive fees trying to get around it for long-distance calls. Those who plan to open new locations in the future will also benefit from this. 

Of course, the lack of a specific location can make it difficult for any customers or clients to ascertain whether it’s a legitimate business immediately. However, businesses that post their phone number on their website, social media accounts, and other online directories can strengthen their presence and legitimacy quickly. 

To implement a VoIP phone system with either a fixed or non-fixed number, contact MyVoIP. Located in Ramsey, NJ, they’ve served small businesses throughout the country and Canada for more than a decade. Their knowledgeable staff can help you determine which would be best for your company. For information on their current options, visit their website or give them a call at (833) 698-6471.  

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