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Business Phone System for Auto Repair Shops

When most people think of a business phone system they imagine rows of employees talking on phones, factory-style. These days, things are different at many businesses, including auto shops. Some of the most important customer interactions happen over the phone – from getting estimates to keeping customers updated on their repairs. You may even need to schedule appointments for walk-ins or pick-ups.

Do Auto Repair Shops Require Business Phone Systems?

In today’s competitive market, the professional appearance of your auto shop can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. A polished telephone presence is crucial to creating a positive impression; not only do potential customers need to hear that your business is professional, they also need to be able to reach out to you in a timely manner.

Customers must be able to quickly ask inquiries about services, schedule appointments, and manage billing in order for an auto business to run efficiently. It’s crucial to make a polished and professional first impression over the phone.

With this feature, you can answer customer questions about services, set appointments, and take payments. The Virtual Receptionist also lets you set up voice messages that provide basic information, such as locations and hours. There are also multiple modes for taking calls during business hours and after business hours.

Everything You Need To Manage Your Business.

Get a Professional-Quality Business VoIP Phone System Starting at Just $9.99 Per Month.

Advanced Business Phone Features For Auto Shop

Call transfer

The best way to handle a customer’s inquiry is to get it completely answered at the very first contact. With Call Transfer, you can easily transfer any incoming call to your phone or department in just a single click!

Multi-ring options

If you own a shop and are the mechanic, one of the great things you can do is set up your phones so that multiple phones ring at the same time. Then, if you’re busy with a customer, each sales person’s phones will ring. This means that you won’t have to miss any calls.

Virtual receptionist

Take control of your calls and schedule them to be automatically answered by our virtual receptionist. Route calls to any phone, department, or individual at your company.

Boost You Customer Service With My-VoIP

With caller ID and guest names in your Call Logs you can easily confirm reservations. With call logs you can easily record calls for training purposes, making your staff more efficient and productive.

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"Amazing Support!"

There is no one active in the telecom business that I trust more than Jody and her team at MyVoIP. We have worked multiple projects through the years and the services provided have always been second to none. To say that I highly recommend this company would be an understatement.
Zac Stafford

"Excellent Experience!"

Excellent experience using MyVoip over the last two years! Our transition from an on prem VOIP system to MyVoip went very smoothly. Support is quick, thorough, and we saved a bunch of money as well. Highly recommended.

Daniel Brookes
Global Shop Solutions

"Exceed Expectations!"

When we first signed up in 2017 we never had any issues with the phone service or the APP. Then last year 2019 we had an ongoing issue with the presence on our app. As a small company where all employees work from home it is imperative to know if they are on the phone, busy, in a meeting, etc.
Stephen L.