PipeDrive ❤ My-VoiP

Pipedrive is a sales management tool that helps you keep track of your pipeline, leads, and contacts. My-VoiP Integration with Pipedrive is a sales-automation tool, which provides sales reps an advanced call management interface. You can use My-VoIP with Pipedrive to achieve advanced sales, marketing and team management.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

Reach Customers Faster

Make calls from Pipedrive

My-VoIP integration with Pipedrive gives sales reps both a time-saving asset and a reliable pipeline to follow. Reach out in seconds, track changes made to a lead in Pipedrive, power dial for more efficiency. Working together, Pipedrive and My-VoIP create a sales process with no room for error.

Easy Business Workflows

Access Call Recording and Voicemail

Keep track of your business calls and messages. Access Call Recording features right from Pipedrive to record your calls quickly and easily. Manage all your voicemails in one place without the hassle. To be able to better manage your voice messages and calls, record them right in Pipedrive then listen to them any time you please.

PipeDrive VoiP Features

Personalized Interaction With Customers

With this Pipedrive and My-VoiP integration, every customer service interaction becomes personal. The integration enables My-VoiP's live chat software to share details of incoming Pipedrive leads and contacts with the company's Pipedrive pipeline, ensuring a highly personalized customer experience.

Manager Your Leads

Pipedrive Integration with My-voip will allow you to manage your leads, contacts and opportunities from within Pipedrive. It provides you with a single control panel for all your Pipedrive and My-VoIP data.

Streamline Agent Workflow​

By integrating My-VoiP with Pipedrive, all the information related to your contacts is automatically updated. This saves a lot of time, especially when you are using your CRM to make sales.

Data Synchronization

Solutions that enable agents to stay in sync with the latest customer data are crucial in today’s fast-paced, mobile-first world. Pipedrive integration with My-Voip  provides a seamless process for agents to sync contact, call data and activity information with My-Voip.