3 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Hosted Fax

Why Should You Choose Hosted Fax?

When it comes to upgrading business technology, fax machines may not be the first devices to come to mind. Yet, standard faxes could be presenting some overlooked risks to your company. Fortunately, a hosted fax system will safeguard your organization against many threats by converting emails to faxes and vice versa through software, without the need for physical fax machines.

1. Avoid Compliance Issues with Hosted Fax

Traditionally, only industries such as health care and law had to be mindful about protecting sensitive data. However, new regulations are currently evolving to control how companies distribute consumers’ personally identifiable information. Fax machines and their servers are rarely encrypted, which increases the risk of others being able to view sensitive data. Thus, if you’re transmitting customer or patient information over fax, you could face noncompliance issues. Virtual faxing has built-in encryption to prevent visibility by third parties and maintain compliance.

2. Keep Cybercriminals Out

Cybercriminals are clever and resourceful. They’ll look for the weakest points in a business, and in many cases, outdated technology such as the fax machine can provide the easiest way in. Analog devices can be targeted by malware or ransomware, which is often sent to faxes via image files. These threats can then be distributed across a business’ entire network, potentially compromising its devices and data. By switching to hosted fax, you can forgo the traditional machine altogether and ensure your documents are sent over a secure network.

3. Secure Your Data

Fax machines print documents upon receipt, which can easily be misplaced or put in the wrong hands. Businesses receive dozens of valuable papers every day, ranging from quotes from vendors to consent forms from clients. With web-based faxing, you can choose how to store incoming faxes to ensure no data ever goes missing. For example, keep them on a cloud drive for easy access and backup purposes.

If you’re thinking about switching to hosted fax, turn to MyVoip. Serving Bergen County, NJ, this trusted telecommunications provider offers state-of-the-art technology and services to keep your business running smoothly, and to minimize the risk of security threats. Find out more about our comprehensive faxing solutions online, or Call 833-698-6471 to discuss your business’ needs with a team member.

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